Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mercy & Grace

To begin this year my first story must be about the greatest missionary we’ll ever know, Jesus Christ.  It’s a story of what He has done for me. 

A missionary is someone who unselfishly, intentionally seeks to reveal the character of our Father to those whom it has been hidden, to bring reconciliation between the sinner and God who does not count our sins against us.  This is the work Christ did for me last year.  Although I am not a stranger to God I still have much to learn of His character!  From our human wisdom we constantly seek ways to make ourselves feel good.  Choosing to serve in a jungle for a year accomplished this for me.  It would make me feel better about myself in any case.  And so I came to Palawan thinking I had entitlements and expecting to receive what I deserved.  I was blind to all of this and God in His gracious mercy started showing me.  Jesus began His reconciling work by revealing my pride and how utterly sinful I really was.  I realized I deserved nothing except the natural consequences of living a sinful life.  Was it hard?  It was terrible!  I was found utterly defenseless and proven guilty.   And so my heart was fully prepared to receive the torrents of God’s grace!  For I saw my desperate need and knew my only hope was in God’s mercy!

  This year I came to Palawan with a much clearer understanding of the work of a missionary.  Although I am a second year Student Missionary I hold on to no entitlements.  I am still keenly aware of what I, an imperfect human, deserves yet I am resting peacefully in God’s unchanging character of being a merciful Father.
  Jesus has taken my expecting, prideful heart and given me a humble, grateful one in its place.  It is the greatest miracle I’ve ever known and a gift that keeps on overflowing.  And so I share with you my story for the express purpose of publicly giving God all the honor and glory He deserves and thanking Him for being so gracious to me.

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